The Cathedral Organ was installed by the Schantz Organ Company of Orreville, OH, in 2005 and replaced a smaller instrument that was destroyed by fire in 2002.  The current organ comprises 71 ranks playable on four manuals and pedal and, at a little over 4,100 pipes, is one of the largest organs in the Desert Southwest. Built in the American Classic style, the organ has several notable features including three high pressure reeds in the Solo Division, a French Horn stop, four 32’ stops in the pedal division, and an en chamade in the rear gallery. The Cathedral’s excellent acoustics aid the organ’s projection into the room.

The Cathedral organ is in high demand both as a performing and teaching instrument.  Several organ concerts are offered throughout the year and the instrument is regularly used by students in the organ department of Arizona State University, both for teaching and recital programs.