Trinity Cathedral Virtual Organ Tour

This virtual field trip into the Trinity Cathedral pipe organ hopes to make “the King of Instruments” more accessible to everyone. Originally intended to be eight episodes, the series blossomed into 12 installments that range from 5 -10 minutes in length. It is a relaxed and sometimes humorous entrée into a mysterious world of pipes, pedals, and percussion that will hopefully pique interest and answer a few questions.

Erik Goldstrom
Trinity Cathedral Canon Musician

Organ Pt. I
Introduction to the Series and Winding the Organ: Where does the air come from and where does it go?”

Organ Pt. 2
The End of the Line – Destination Swell Chest.

Organ Pt. 3
Feet, mouths, and ears; Flue pipe anatomy.

Organ Pt. 4
Boots, Tongues, and Resonators: The Reeds

Organ Pt. 5
Into the Cockpit; The Console

Organ Pt. 6
From Principals to Plenum; the “core tone” of the organ.

Organ Pt. 7
Stoppers, Caps, and Chimneys: The Flutes

Organ Pt. 8
Decadent Strings and Fractional Mutations

Organ Pt. 9
The Lion in the Box: Chorus Reeds

Organ Pt.10
From sublime decadence to brazen clamor: The Solo Reeds

Organ Pt.11
Odds and Ends; Christmas in July

Organ Pt.12
Odds and Ends. Boxes, Birds and the End of the Road.