Music At Trinity Videos

Welcome to Erik Goldstrom’s weekly video blog on Trinity Cathedral’s pipe organ. It’s a guided tour of sorts—a virtual field trip to blower rooms, organ chambers, pipe chests and the organ console itself. Enjoy!

Organ Pt. I
Introduction to the Series and Winding the Organ: Where does the air come from and where does it go?”

Organ Pt. 2
The End of the Line – Destination Swell Chest.

Organ Pt. 3
Feet, mouths, and ears; Flue pipe anatomy.

Organ Pt. 4
Boots, Tongues, and Resonators: The Reeds

Organ Pt. 5
Into the Cockpit; The Console

Organ Pt. 6
From Principals to Plenum; the “core tone” of the organ.

Organ Pt. 7
Stoppers, Caps, and Chimneys: The Flutes

Organ Pt. 8
Decadent Strings and Fractional Mutations