Join the Friends of Music at Trinity

Since 2010, Music at Trinity has served as the musical outreach program for Trinity Cathedral’s musical resources for chamber music, choir, and organ repertoire, emphasizing the intersection of traditional Episcopal church music with Western European classical music.

Music at Trinity is 100% self funding and it is only through direct contributions that we are able to present the series for the community. Please consider becoming a member of Friends of Music at Trinity today!

Yes, I want to support the Music at Trinity Program by becoming a member at the following levels:

Largo $25

Andante $50

Allegro $100

Vivace $250

Presto $500

Prestissimo $1,000

Paying for your Membership

Payment is due in full at the time of joining and expires at the end of the concert calendar. Paying by credit card, via PayPal, or check payments are accepted.

Paying by Credit Card via PayPal

  1. Click Membership dollar amount
  2. Select quantity
  3. Click “ Check out with PayPal”
  4. Enter PayPal landing page
  5. Select “Pay with Debit or Credit Card”
  6. Complete Guest Checkout form
  7. Click “Pay Now”
  8. No need to create a PayPal account (select not now)
  9. Payment confirmation
  10. Click “Return to Merchant” Return to

Paying by Check
Make check payment to (Confirm) Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
On memo: Music At Trinity Membership
Mail payment to:
Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
100 West Roosevelt Street
Phoenix Arizona 85003

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___  I wish to make a recurring gift. Please contact
___  I wish my gift to remain anonymous